Saturday, September 30, 2006

Forget-me-nots and cream roses

Andrew and Michelle Crocker were married on 16th September, and Andrew's mother Patsy presented them with their wedding cake. We chose forget-me-nots and cream roses arranged in sprays on each of the three tiers.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

St Francis and St Rita

Rita and Francesca Joyce received their First Holy Communion on 8th July at St Edmund's College, Ware and celebrated with a party on 22nd July. I created these two cakes for them in honour of their patron saints, St Rita and St Francis.

Here are the girls, cutting their cakes!

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Holiday in the Highlands

Rupert Sheppard celebrated his birthday on 3rd July. I created this cake for him as a memento of a holiday he had recently taken in the West Highlands of Scotland where he spotted several rare species, and even had a sighting of a Golden Eagle.

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Tom Townsend with mug

Tom Townsend had his birthday on 23rd May. He is represented on this cake holding his favourite mug.

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Pink and white stars

Rosa North had her third birthday on 5th June. I created this cake for her and her aunt Alice who had her birthday the day before.

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Pelican in her Piety

Mary McCall received her First Holy Communion on 30th April, and I created this "Pelican in her Piety" cake for the occasion. Here I am setting up for the party, which had a "Pride and Prejudice" theme!

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